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This page is a translated version of the page Ajuda:Grupos and the translation is 100% complete.
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How to join our Local Guide Brazil Community

Important informations

By joining the Local Guides Brazil Community group you agree to the current terms of use in the group that are in the group description or just below.

Privacy information can be found on the dedicated page privacy policy

Important news

In order to value everything we have built here (group of Local Guides), with respect to all Participants and especially Good Sense, we communicate:

Posts that do not respect the Terms of Use will result in the removal of the participant.

Terms of use

These terms of use are valid for our groups on different platforms.

  • No pornography allowed
  • Beware of SPAM
  • No offense, incitement to hatred, racism and/or prejudice against any member of the group, as well as harassment
  • Prohibited to advertise items, promotions or products without authorization
  • Respect the opinion of others;
  • Beware of soccer, religious, political, etc.

How to enter

Para ter acesso aos grupos da Comunidade Guias Locais Brasil em diferentes plataformas o usuário deverá seguir essas instruções :

If you can not log in you can contact Support for any help, difficulties in joining the group.